Thursday, April 17, 2008

Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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Where's the Power Point?

I am a huge fan of Google, Bing and Yahoo! I began using Google back in 1998 when the address was in the domain . I began using Yahoo! back before it truly was powered by a search engine - it was a limited index in those early days. I continue to use both Yahoo! and Google driven searches on a regular basis. Here is a chart of recent stats of searches:

While similar, Google and Yahoo! results are not always the same - click on the title to run a quick comparison of responses for keywords of your choice.


Barbara said...

You always are on the cutting edge, Ray. I really like your idea of using a blog as a presentation tool to present research or other resources. I found you on Twitter and am following what you are doing. Thanks for your great ideas.

Sallie Draper said...

I'm in your presentation at DTL. Thanks for the great resources and the idea of using a blog for your presentation materials.